IKEA Hack: Standup Rolling Desk Workstation, $283.39

I’m loving my new IKEA hack workstation. Because of the weight of the kitchen countertop, it wasn’t necessary to drill holes through the countertop to bind it to the shelving unit. Instead, my brilliant friend Eric Friedman suggested using a non-slip rug pad to make sure the countertop doesn’t slide off the shelving unit while rolling it around on its casters. It’s still a good idea to be extra careful while rolling but seems to be working well so far.


Total cost + tax: $283.39


EXBACKEN, Countertop (IKEA no longer carries the red and white one I bought), $79
KALLAX, Set of casters, silver color 3x, $15/each
KALLAX, Shelving unit, white, $99
KALLAX, Insert with 2 drawers, white, $25

Hardware Store
Non-slip Rug Pad, $11.99

Let’s Build It!

Build Expedit shelving unit per IKEA instructions and add Expedit casters to bottom

Add non-slip rug pad

Place kitchen countertop on top of shelf. Eric Friedman (pictured) and I placed mine a bit off center so weight of monitor would be more centered over shelves. (Yes, of course you’ll remove it from the cardboard packaging.)

And it tucks away into the nook in my apartment, ready to roll out when wanting a change of scenery or lighting or to watch a movie from bed.

41″high x 25.5″ wide x 73.25″ long
104cm high x 65cm wide x 186cm long

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