It was an absolute pleasure to work with Robert. He has an innate sense for design, flow of content, is super focused and extremely fair. I would sometimes get derailed by all the cool potential functions out there to add to my website, but Robert knew how to cut through the noise to keep our vision clear and the site relevant. Not only was Robert tenacious about getting my site live, but he holds a beautiful balance that is rare in our culture …True professionalism while maintaining an open heart… This means deadlines are met AND the realm of creativity is on tap. What a joy to work with you Robert!
Pete Erwin
CEO, PJ Erwin Electric
Robert is more than just a very talented designer, he is also one of the best people I’ve ever have the pleasure of working with. His enthusiasm and commitment to perfection make him stand out, and in the 19 years I’ve been in this business I have met very few people that can match him on those traits. If only there were more like him.
Steven Anacker
Creative Director and Writer
Robert created our logo, designed our website, and created a successful brand for our company. From start to finish he was extremely collaborative, creative, and professional. All of the designs he did were outstanding. He took our initial ideas, expanded them, and came up with a final product that was far beyond any of our expectations. He’s great fun to work with and an overall terrific person. I highly recommend him.
Christopher Eickmann
Producer of Leela
I worked with Robert at Yahoo, then later hired him to do contract design for a small startup, TimeBridge. He quickly got up to speed with TimeBridge and has worked on many of our features over the course of 7 months. He’s smart, friendly, and creative. He also takes constructive feedback well, and incorporates the feedback into the next design. He’s easy to work with even when he is remote. He communicates well and stays in frequent contact so we know status on every project. On top of it, he’s a nice guy that makes it easy to work with on a day-to-day basis. I highly recommend him.
Drew Garcia
CEO Syncup
Robert grokked a new, complex product quickly, asked intelligent questions to clarify his understanding of the issues that needed addressing, and quickly provided a novel approach to the product’s user interface. He’s a great person to work with and look forward to working with him again.
Matthew McEachen
Staff Software Engineer, Twitter
Robert is an very talented and reliable designer. He can turn around things quickly for his clients, is always on target and delivers the best results. He is also very personable and enjoyable to work with and he offers great ideas that give you the best visual pieces you can imagine. I have recommended him to my own clients a number of times, and would do so again any time!
Stefanie Kraus
Stefanie Kraus
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